Wheat Welcomes Jenn Black, Our New Account Coordinator

Jenn Black, Account Coordinator at Wheat Creative

Meet Jenn Black, our account coordinator! While she’s lived in Vegas long enough to call it home, this Illinois native is still a fan of the Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks thanks to a childhood in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

“You know those ‘80s John Hughes movies? That’s where I grew up.”

After earning a degree in journalism media studies with a concentration in advertising from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Jenn worked in the restaurant industry as a bartender for a while. “I decided it was time for me to use my brain – and my degree – so I left bartending and found an internship with Caesars Entertainment.” The internship was specifically in meetings marketing, but it did give Jenn the opportunity to explore. “Because I landed that internship, I was able to shadow different departments in the company,” Jenn says. “I shadowed Studio which is the Caesars in-house agency for their casinos. I worked there as an account coordinator for nearly three years.”

During her tenure at Caesars, Jenn honed her skills as a top-notch communicator. And she brings those to Wheat Creative! “Great client communication is picking up the phone to have a conversation,” Jenn says.

“Not just emailing, but also having an old school way of communicating to get to know clients and their desires for their franchise.”

After a day at the Wheat office supporting the accounts team, tending to the needs of clients and managing clients’ projects, you can likely find Jenn at her gym. “I go to a bootcamp gym. I’m living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost more than 55 pounds in two years,” Jenn says.

“My goal is to live a healthy and active life. Working out is a huge part of my life.”

Jenn is very dedicated to her healthy lifestyle. But, like all of us, she does have a few guilty pleasures. “’My guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of any city,” Jenn says. “That’s my me time at night to just be alone and watch an episode.” And when she’s not weighing her food and meal prepping, Jenn enjoys the occasional cheat meal at Yardhouse or Outback Steakhouse.

The dedication that Jenn brings to her fitness regimen is the same resolve she approaches her work with. “I am a very strong-willed and determined person. I take work very seriously and I think it’s important to have that professionalism in the workplace,” Jenn says. “But also my favorite thing to do is laugh. I love to work with people that I can talk to and have a good rapport with. We can’t be serious all the time.”

Welcome to Wheat, Jenn!

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