Wheat Welcomes Beau Young, Chief Marketing Officer

Beau Young, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Wheat Creative

Meet Beau Young! He joins the Wheat Creative team as our chief marketing officer.

“I help the franchises with local marketing, PPC, SEO, digital assets, anything they need on the consumer side of things.”

Beau definitely has the chops to help Wheat expand our footprint in the consumer marketing space. “I’ve done everything from account management, to creative, to writing, to web design and development,” Beau says.

“Kind of the whole breadth of digital marketing for 20 years.”

At 19, Beau worked for a website design and development company where he learned to meet client needs with stunning deliverables. While the product was on the technical side, working at a small company gave him the opportunity to understand the account management side of things, too. By age 24, Beau was using his blend of creative, technical and communication skills as a business owner; he started a digital marketing agency serving businesses of all sizes.

Due to his unique experience touching every aspect of the marketing business, Beau is a great match for Wheat and our commitment to generating effective marketing solutions in creative, unorthodox ways. “I love to generate ideas for our various service offerings and figure out how we can help clients drive more leads and sales to their businesses,” Beau says.

“I enjoy mixing the creative with the analytical.”

When Beau isn’t at the office facilitating consumer marketing for our franchise clients, you can find him hanging out with his wife and their four kids. The Youngs are big Vegas Golden Knights fans and like to head to T-Mobile Arena to be a part of the action. Beau is also a soccer dad, so you can find him at his local field, lugging shin guards and cheering on his kiddos.

Around the Wheat office, Beau is known for being the first to shout a “good morning” from his office – even if it does occasionally startle the team. Beau’s friendliness, dad jokes and happy-go-lucky attitude are all a great fit for our team of collaborative creatives and works amazingly well with our clients. “I always try to make sure that everyone is happy with the end goal and I find joy and fun within the process,” Beau says. “That’s important to me.”

Welcome to Wheat, Beau!

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