Wheat Welcomes Aimee Romero, Our New Account Executive

Aimee Romero, Account Executive

Meet Aimee Romero, our new account executive!

Aimee makes her way to the franchise marketing industry by way of news production, public relations and integrated marketing. An internship at KTNV while she was a student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas set Aimee on her communications career path. “I started out in news as a writer/producer/editor,” Aimee says. “I got into it because communications felt like a natural fit for me.”

After about six years at KTNV, Aimee moved to Charlotte, NC for a few years to continue her news career. But Vegas called her back, where she dove into the worlds of marketing and public relations, working for clients like Tropical Smoothie Café, Habitat for Humanity and the Make a Wish Foundation. “I was a promotions writer for years, so I truly appreciate good writing and clear, impactful messaging,” Aimee says.

“Wheat’s focus on well-written and well-designed content really drew me to this agency.”

Aimee is excited to dive into the franchise marketing industry. “It’s such a unique approach to marketing. It’s just carved out this niche-y little piece of the market and is a really cool idea,” Aimee says. “I’m excited by the focus, the purpose, the intent behind the whole mission.”

When she’s not at the Wheat office, communicating with clients and managing projects, you can find Aimee in her garden, planting new herbs, succulents, cacti and trees. “This year I planted sunflowers, zinnias and morning glories,” Aimee says. “And basil. From seed!”

When she makes it indoors, you can find Aimee binging her favorite television shows, like Shameless, Carnival Row, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.… and accidentally messing with the Facebook ad algorithm. “I watched all eight seasons of House, M.D. and I’m so nerdy that I have to look up every obscure disease on my phone,” Aimee says.

“Now Google and Facebook think I’m dying of all types of things.”

As an account executive, Aimee finds that listening is the most important tool she has in her communications tool belt. “I worked with digital firms as a client, so I truly understand the client’s perspective,” Aimee says. “I think the key to being a good marketing service provider is to really know how to listen and hear their needs.”

Welcome to Wheat, Aimee!

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