What the Wheaties Learned Working from Home

Wheat Creative team members on a Zoom call, showing work-from-home environments

Last March, we sent our team home with their computers, monitors and some sticky notes for what we thought would be a short work-from-home hiatus. Flash forward, we’re still logging into Zoom chats from our home offices and dining room tables. While this past year wasn’t what we expected, we’re extremely proud of the amazing work our team continues to do every single day.

Now, getting back into the office no longer seems like a distant dream. To commemorate a (sort of) return to normalcy, we asked our team to reflect on what they’ve learned while working from home the last year. See what got our Wheaties through long days working from the couch, their tips for other remote teams and what lessons they’ll be taking back into the office.

Dustin: “I would say that after working remotely, my biggest takeaway has been to stretch! I like to get up periodically to stretch and walk around. Overall, I think it’s just important for health, but it also allows me to refocus on my tasks.”

Ashley: “For me, having a routine (and sticking to it) is key. I make it a point to wake up at the same time as I normally would, shower, get ready for the day (dry my hair, put on a little makeup, brush my teeth, and wear real pants!) and take the kids to school. I ‘go to work’ at 8:00… literally. I go to my office and even close the door. I try to stay at my desk while working so I don’t get easily distracted by household chores or the TV. I’ve also learned the importance of taking the time to catch up with your team. Whether that’s chit-chat before roll call, Wheat Wednesday lunch over Zoom, sharing GIFs via chat, or sending someone money for an afternoon coffee on Venmo, there are little, easy ways to still connect with your colleagues, and it boosts morale.”

Miranda: “I’ve learned that my cats have no shame and WILL flash their behinds to anyone on a Zoom call. Coworkers, clients, other cats—they don’t care. No. Shame. Whatsoever.”

Jenn: “Make sure your workspace resembles your workspace in the office. This is crucial for me because I am a creature of habit and working in a new location especially at home is technically different but it’s best to work in a space that reminds me of my desk in the office. I have my lotion, Chapstick, pens, sticky notes and vitamins on my desk, just like I did in the office. This gives me the mindset of ‘working in the office’ rather than ‘working at home.’ I like to keep it familiar!”

Gaby: “I learned that I work very effectively from home. Not having to commute has done wonders for my productivity. I’ve also learned my cats are even lazier than I thought.”

Toui: “I’ve been working remotely for 7 years now, so I’ve learned a lot! The world is a big place and working online gives you more options. I’ve learned to appreciate my time with people in person after talking to machines for years. I’m grateful to get to work with awesome team members I probably would’ve never met without the internet. I have more time to do things like exercise, sleep and spend time with my loved ones without having to commute every day. Plus, I get to turn up the music as loud as I want!”

Sam: “Working remotely has taught me a lot about the importance of communication and accountability. When you’re working from home, you’re fully responsible for staying on task and overcommunicating with your team. It’s easy to become distracted, so it takes a lot of self-discipline. I think those lessons are applicable whether you’re working remotely or in the office. Also, I’ve learned I literally don’t like any clothes that don’t feel like pajamas.”

We have to admit, we’ve become pros at this whole work-from-home thing, but we’re excited to see our orange walls again. Here’s to a great team, a crazy year and… our sweatpants. We’ll miss you dearly.

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