ZIPS Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners website rebranding

ZIPS Dry Cleaning consumer website

What We Did

ZIPS Dry Cleaners is a same-day, one-price dry-cleaning service with more than 50 nationwide locations, boasting a flat rate of $2.29 per item – 60 percent less than the industry average. After completing a full rebrand, their website’s dated design did not match the brand’s millennial makeover. ZIPS not only wanted to implement newly rebranded elements to their site but also provide a better overall user experience. They turned to Wheat Creative to create a more fun, modern and engaging brand voice and reintroduce the all-new ZIPS look and feel to new and existing customers.

The Results

ZIPS Dry Cleaners previously had two different websites: (1) for desktop and (2) for mobile. That means every time there was an update, it needed to be done twice. We implemented a single, easy-to-navigate back-end and front-end website with a modern and responsive design that perfectly complements their new brand. We also updated their brand voice to better reach a younger audience. Franchisees even got a piece of the action, now with the capability to customize certain aspects of their location’s site, including events, promotions, reviews and more. One of ZIPS’ greatest selling points is offering low-cost, high-quality dry-cleaning services. So, we took the time to point out exactly how they’re able to do that. We even created a more in-depth version of their savings calculator to educate users about how much they’d save by choosing ZIPS.

ZIPS Dry Cleaners website preview