Franchise website redesign

What We Did

ZIPS Dry Cleaners prides itself on disrupting the stale dry cleaning industry. With that bold, in-your-face attitude in mind, we built a site that focuses on the numbers but still speaks to the savvy investor looking to shake things up. We first built their consumer site, packed full of facts, figures and fun language to engage the customer. Then we transferred that edgy style to their franchise site, building on their willingness to invest in marketing material, photoshoots and franchisee testimonials to land their brand points with style.

The Results

That bold, branded voice hammered home how ZIPS differs from mom-and-pops within their industry and gives potential franchisees a strong vision of ZIPS’ new ideas. Driven by the numbers like their solid AUV, industry-disrupting price point, and multiple revenue streams, the site arms potential franchisees with the information to make decisions in an edgy atmosphere that’s attractive to determined investors. We had as much fun with this one as ZIPS does in turning the dry cleaning industry on its head, and it shows in every bit of the branding.