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The Brand

A pillar of the franchise community, The Entrepreneur's Source (TES) has spent the last 40 years guiding aspiring business owners through career transition. TES coaches walk clients through a carefully developed process as they consider options in pursuit of business ownership.

The Challenge

When they came to us, TES was operating on a brand and group of websites that had gone virtually untouched for over ten years. At that point, the site was no longer performing well for three key reasons: 1) Their online interactive tour was functional but outdated (think "Flash player required"). 2) They had no fresh content to engage site visitors. 3) Overall, the brand no longer reflected TES' professionalism and expertise.

The Entrepreneur's Source Career Transition Launchpad Website
The Entrepreneur's Source Career Transition Launchpad Website

The Strategy

Our priority in developing the TES consumer website was creating a memorable and effective experience that would set prospective TES clients’ expectations before they officially begin the coaching process. We decided to split the website into two steps to meet clients where they are in their career transition journey – whether just warming to the idea and wanting a guided tour, or a little further along and preferring to navigate at their own pace.

What We Did

The Brand Overhaul

We needed to pull the TES brand out of the early 2000s and into the contemporary business world. We nixed their old gold in favor of an approachable cyan, kept their strong, cool slate gray and featured white much more prominently throughout for a clean and trustworthy presentation. We also switched to a more approachable font package.

The New Website

TES clients' first touch point with the brand is their website – and first impressions are everything. We needed the site to showcase their authority and reliability while telling their story in a way that feels welcoming, friendly and unhurried. We put all those ideas together with clever interactive design elements that encourage users to click and stay a while.

The Video Walkthrough

Career transition is a life-changing decision, and the TES discovery process treats it that way. We created the Your Career 2.0 Launchpad – a virtual, interactive coaching experience broken down into simple, consumable steps with video guides led by a welcoming, engaging host. The process follows the TES coaching methodology to the letter, giving aspiring business owners a taste of the hands-on experience TES offers while leaving them wanting to get on the phone with a coach as soon as possible.

The Results

Combined, our efforts led to a significant improvement across several KPIs. The numbers tell us TES is seeing more new users, many more leads converting from the website, and a marked increase in the number of pages each user visits.


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new users


increase in website conversions


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Communicator Award Of Excellence & Hermes Gold Award for Best Consulting Website