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The Brand

Salon Plaza is stylish, sophisticated and suave all day. The place to be for suite style salon services, Salon Plaza provides space for every beauty professional imaginable, including hairdressers, nail stylists, barbers and many more. They’re luxury inside and out, offering salon professionals a place to be themselves and customers the chance to look their best.

Salon Plaza Salon Plaza Salon Plaza
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The Challenge


Salon Plaza’s website and branding needed elevating – fast. Their locations are luxurious, and they needed a website that showcased that sophistication from the start. We knew we had to keep things just the right amount of dark – without dipping into dreary – while adding enough energy to make the website pop and bring a little bit of boldness to their brand. We also needed to deliver for the dual audience: salon professionals looking to rent and customers seeking out their favorite stylist. Salon Plaza needed style plus structure – and we were ready to get building.

The Strategy


Salon Plaza knew they wanted to keep the darker tones, so we started there. We built around the blacks and grays, then added a stylish green accent for flair. We also enhanced the movement and spacing of the site to give users an organic feel befitting a salon brand.

Spacing shifts as users scroll to add a hint of stretch and fluidity to the page, and we included an engaging video right up top to draw the eye. Every inch of Salon Plaza’s site was designed to be something exciting – like every sweet styling they provide.

Salon Plaza Typography and Colors

The New Website

Salon Plaza website
Salon Plaza website Salon Plaza website
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The Results

Salon Plaza’s new website emulates the feel of walking right into a high-end salon. Users are instantly greeted with shots of salon pros in action and feel the movement with every motion of the mouse. For professionals and customers, the site is smooth to navigate and enticing at every angle. From bold nav menus to headers so confident they don’t even need capitalization, this site is made to match Salon Plaza’s sweet, luxurious vibe.


Wheat Creative became a candidate for our website redesign project after a strong recommendation from our trusted P.R. partner, and after a thorough vetting process they won the contract. Our project quickly morphed to include a full branding refresh and Wheat and the team delivered a result that we are very pleased with! We confidently recommend Wheat to other franchises looking for a next-level website and branding improvements.

This project was completely successful and our franchise partners are thrilled with the new look of the sites and the leads they receive now. Well done.
Andrew Mondy, V.P. of Technology, Salon Plaza

V.P. of Technology, Salon Plaza