HoneyBaked Ham

Franchise recruitment website refresh

What We Did

HoneyBaked Ham® is known as the best-tasting ham in the country. It’s become ingrained in American tradition as we know it. But, the company wasn’t getting as much traffic or as many leads to the franchise recruitment website as they needed. So, as the brand’s franchise marketing agency of record, we performed a complete website design overhaul and developed all-new marketing collateral, including sales power points, e-brochures and more.

The Results

The challenge of the update was to refocus the original content to highlight the benefits of franchising with America’s first and favorite ham franchise. The website went from three to more than twenty pages of content, now designed with the sales process in mind and takes a more educational, process-driven approach. The easy-to-navigate site guides potential franchisees through HoneyBaked Ham’s rich history while introducing them to its concept and culture. Our efforts have resulted in a greater digital presence, steady increase of traffic targeting specific markets and higher quality franchisee leads.