Gold’s Gym

Fresh franchise recruitment website

Gold's Gym Franchising Website

What We Did

Gold’s Gym is an internationally recognized brand with a legendary history and a reputation for excellence. The Gold’s Gym brand standards were recently updated to reflect their position as the gym that sets the bar in the industry and their franchise recruitment website needed some attention to bring it up to speed. That’s where we came in. We designed a bold new website that honors the iconic Gold’s Gym brand and offers potential candidates an informative resource to learn more about their one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity.

The Results

As a legacy brand, Gold’s Gym needed to reinvent themselves and clearly communicate their new fitness model and franchise qualifications. So, we gave them a bold and bright new site that makes it easy to navigate the Gold’s Gym path to franchise ownership. The look is fresh and attention-grabbing with engaging content that drives candidates through a stringent pre-qualification process. Best of all, the new website conveys the authoritative passion and ambition people expect from the Gold’s Gym brand.

Gold's Gym Franchising Website