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Franchise recruitment website update

Dream Vacations CruiseOne Franchise Website

What We Did

Dream Vacations has a winning franchise model – low initial investment with a high-value potential for return on top of some extremely attractive perks for franchisees including discounted, and even free, travel. With such valuable incentives, it’s no wonder Dream Vacations’ old franchise website was seeing a lot of spam traffic throwing their PPC numbers off-kilter. We revamped the look and functionality of the franchise development site and worked with the Dream team on reassessing their organic SEO.

The Results

Just a few short months after redesigning the website with a cleaner look, fresh copy with well-chosen keywords, and mobile-friendly technology, Dream Vacations’ numbers are looking much healthier. With the average time spent on the franchise development site and returning visit rates around 300% higher than they were just six months ago, their conversion rate has grown to over 5%. They were so happy with the result, they brought us on to rebuild SellCruises.com for Cruises Inc., an affiliated travel company.


Dream Vacations CruiseOne Franchise Website