Cheng Cohen

Franchise law firm website redesign

Lightbulb with explosion of colored powder in the background

What We Did

Cheng Cohen is a bright, franchise-focused legal team with a bold, modern look and approach to their services. How many law offices do you know with a dog named Scout for a mascot? We wanted to infuse their fun, yet professional, culture into their new website, while still delivering the important legal information that users need. So, we used their well-defined color palette to give the site a clean feel, then we put their informative service buckets front and center.

The Results

The site is streamlined, clear, and easy to view. It’s obvious from the first glance that this is a modern firm that knows the world of franchising and is eager to help. Their team bios, including Scout, give the site personality and showcase their lighthearted approach to typically stale legal services. At the same time, the accessible and informative content solidifies their expertise in the industry. They’re an authority on franchise law and it shows.

Cheng Cohen website home page