Cal Counsel Group

Legal website and education process

What We Did

Cal Counsel Group had trouble communicating all of their expert services to their clients, so we created a fresh, informative and easy to navigate website that reflects the personality and professionalism of the team at CCG. The navigation is divided into different parts of the business journey (Start, Fund, Grow, Exit) so potential clients can easily see just how CCG can help them achieve their goals, no matter what stage their company is at.

The Results

CCG positions itself as the law firm for startups. They are an expert and professional firm with a fun, provocative attitude, and the new website now backs this up. The website is a critical part of communicating to clients that CCG understands the entrepreneurial journey and has a vested interest in building long-term relationships with clients to see them through their ventures from launch to sale. Another impressive result? This website won a PLATINUM MarCom Award for Best Legal Website!

MarCom and Hermes award winning website