C2 Advisory Group

Firm services explainer video

What We Did

C2 Advisory Group is a premier investment bank and advisory firm that targets multi-unit franchisees in the restaurant and retail industries. They maximize the value of complex transactions like mergers and acquisitions, refranchising and succession planning. While C2 is great at safeguarding financials, they have trouble explaining exactly what they do. And since most of their business is referral based, they aimed to introduce their full suite of financial services at the 2018 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference. C2 turned to Wheat Creative to develop a two-minute video that translates their business into layman terms with the goal of generating new leads.

The Results

The complexity of the project revolved around the subject and limited assets. But, we saw it as an opportunity to stretch our creative muscles. In less than two weeks, we wrote, designed and animated an amazing brand video. We chose to use a warm, female voice over talent on top of the video to build a sense of trust. Immediately after showcasing the finished video, C2 Advisory Group received a steady stream of good feedback and interest in their services. Because of the video’s success, they plan to use it for future special events and marketing purposes.