America’s Best Franchises

Franchise directory website rebrand

What We Did

Franchise directory sites, or franchise portals, have the very difficult task of cataloging hundreds of franchise opportunities from every imaginable industry while making them logically searchable and accessible to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. America’s Best Franchises takes this responsibility a step further by also offering a comprehensive learning center where potential candidates can educate themselves on everything there is to know about franchising — but its branding and platform needed thoughtful updating.

The Results

America’s Best Franchises new site needed to stand out from the dozens of other franchise portals, in both UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). In other words, it had to look great and function even better. We started by paring down the search process to be as simple and stress-free as possible while, on the backend, incorporating advanced comparison features which allow the site to function more like a helpful franchise consultant than a cold, robotic website. Fresh, fun and carefully chosen imagery and language reinforce this approach and appeal to the emotional reasons to find a franchise opportunity.


America's Best Franchises Website