New Year, New Wheatie – Meet Jay Our Senior Web Designer

Jay Green, Senior Web Designer

Some people fall into their careers by accident. Jay was not one of these people. As a kid, Wheat’s new Senior Web Designer, Jay, was fascinated by art, illustration and cartoons. Flashforward, Jay has channeled his innate creativity into a career in web design and development. And we couldn’t be more excited to roll out the Wheatie welcome wagon for him!

“I always wanted to do something artistic.”

Like many kids in the early 2000s, Jay sat cross-legged in front of the T.V. to catch episodes of Dragon Ball Z and begged his parents for anime films from Studio Ghibli. But Jay didn’t just like these cartoons, he was inspired by them. Soon, he picked up a pencil and began drawing characters of his own. Jay admits that if you rummaged through dusty boxes in his attic today, you’d find countless sketch pads filled with comics and characters he developed in his early years.

His love for illustration and natural creativity led Jay to pursue a degree in graphic design at Mississippi State University. During his senior year, Jay says he “jimmy-rigged a website” so impressive it landed him his first job as a web designer. While working in this role, Jay challenged himself to learn programming so that he could fully articulate his designs.

“My work has always been illustration-focused. A lot of my web work contains icons and patterns that I create myself. They tend to shape the flow of my sites as well.”

Jay says he’s excited to work with Wheat’s wide variety of clients, ranging from beloved restaurant franchises to totally new opportunities. “I love that Wheat and our clients seem open to creativity.”

If you’re wondering if Jay still watches anime, the answer is absolutely. In fact, he just finished binge watching The Avatar on Netflix. “I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching anime,” he tells us. And as for those characters he created as a child, he hasn’t forgotten those either.

“I sort of wrote a book. I haven’t submitted it to an editor or anything yet, but it’s written. It’s around 400 pages and follows the stories of my own characters.”

A talented illustrator, skilled designer and a fiction writer?! What can’t this guy do? We’re hoping to get our hands on an advanced copy whenever Jay decides to become a famous novelist. Just remember the little people, Jay!

We couldn’t be more excited to have Jay join our unique group of creatives. We look forward to seeing your inspired designs come to life for our clients and learning more about all the celebrities born in your hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi (spoiler: Elvis was born there!).

Welcome to Wheat, Jay!

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