Meet Yuda Ben-Menachem, Wheat Creative’s PPC Strategist

Yuda Ben-Menachem, SEM Strategist at Wheat Creative

Meet Yuda! He is Wheat Creative’s PPC Strategist, tasked with analyzing and maximizing our client’s return on pay-per-click campaign investment. Before making his way to Wheat Creative, Yuda was a PPC/SEO manager at Tag Media Group, a digital marketing company, located in… Tel Aviv, Israel. He was responsible for the PPC and SEO efforts of business-to-business clients throughout Israel, occasionally supporting international clients as well.

Yuda made the move to Las Vegas in October of 2019 but he is no stranger to the United States. He was born in Southern California, and grew up bouncing between Israel and Brooklyn, NY.

“I’m kind of a hybrid, half Israeli, half American, with an American accent.”

As he continues to settle into life back in the U.S., Yuda is able to observe with a not-quite-outsider’s perspective how business is done in the United States. “What I realized about the business world here is that it’s very investment oriented,” Yuda says. “And people here are extremely professional, detail oriented and very organized.” We’re happy our team of Wheaties has made such a positive — and polished — impression!

On a daily basis, at the Wheat Creative office, Yuda puts his PPC magic to work on behalf of our clients’ best interests. And, he gets results fast. “The data is constant – there’s always something to analyze,” he says. And once the data is in, Yuda is off and running, analyzing the numbers and figuring out ways to increase engagement and lead flow.

“I like analyzing data and using the system to get as much return on investment for our clients as possible with a certain budget and set of tools.”

Outside of the office, Yuda can be found rocking out on his electric guitar. Some days he keeps it mellow. Other days he’s all heavy metal. When he’s not shredding on his axe (that’s what the cool kids say, right?), Yuda also enjoys cooking and eating, which is just one more reason he’s a perfect fit for Wheat Creative. “I love Mexican food. I love Cuban food, too,” Yuda says. “The last thing I cooked was picadillo. It was ground meat, cumin and other spices. It turned out good.”

We’re excited to have Yuda join the Wheat Creative team. “Professionally, I love what I do. I really do. I’m really happy I’m in this field.”

Welcome to Wheat, Yuda!

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