Meet the Delightful Brandi Dye, Our New Content Creator

Brandi Dye, a headstrong 20-something rocking glasses and a multi-colored, vertically-striped blazer, standing in front of a bright orange wall.

What does Beyoncé have in common with a bison? They’re both beloved by our new content creator, Brandi Dye. She’s a hardcore member of the BeyHive (fans of Beyoncé) and loves bison for their confident attitude and food-focused lifestyle. We can relate. She’s seen Beyoncé in concert three times and has even met a bison, albeit on a non-Beyoncé-related occasion.

Her intriguing appreciations make sense when you get to know this delightful extrovert. Her outgoing personality is infectious, and she has an energy that you might not expect from a Midwest girl. Now that she’s a Wheatie, she’s finding that Vegas might be more her speed.

Brandi grew up in Columbia, Missouri, hearing the cannon blasts during the University of Missouri football games and forming strong opinions about the Rams’ move to Los Angeles. She danced and played softball for 10 years, and even dipped into lacrosse, but it was a fateful visit to her school by a local marketing professor that sparked an affinity for marketing and the written word. Now she says, with her trademark casual coolness,

“Long story short, I love words.”

She grabbed that passion and turned it into a major, studying public relations and magazine journalism at Drake University. She attended the prestigious E.T. Meredith Center for Magazine Studies, earning a degree in “magazines.” That may sound like an odd thing to see written on a diploma, but it’s helped her score work for names like Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living, and many more. It also helped her get her first job in Las Vegas, doing corporate marketing for none other than Caesars Entertainment.

As with most transplants, coming to Las Vegas was an adventure. For Brandi, the adventure played out with perfect timing. She graduated from college on May 20, learned she’d nabbed the Caesars job exactly one week later, celebrated her birthday days after that, then packed up and drove across the country to live her best Vegas life.

Of course, as is also the case with many Vegas tales, her first gig didn’t perfectly work out. The way we see it, Caesars’ loss is Wheat’s gain, and we’re happy to have snatched up this amazing writer.

“I left the interview knowing I was meant to work here,” Brandi says, fondly reminiscing on her road to Wheat Creative. “I was chaperoning a first-grade field trip with my roommate (who’s a first-grade teacher) and got the call right before that.” Now Brandi is rocking the keyboard as a creative content writer extraordinaire.

“I like the collaborative atmosphere. Having 10-minute conversations about “bring” versus “take” is the dream. This is what I thought being a writer was, so that makes me happy.”

We’re happy to have her, even if she is dividing the office with her strong opinions on peanut butter, choosing bison over llamas when it comes to kitschy wall décor, and displaying some truly eclectic musical tastes. But, if it keeps Brandi around, we’re all willing to listen to her non-stop Elton John playlist ­– once in a while.

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