Meet Ming Mach, Our New Graphic Designer

Ming Mach, Graphic Designer at Wheat Creative

Meet Ming Mach, Wheat Creative’s new graphic designer. After earning her BFA from Webster University in St. Louis, MO, Ming gained experience in magazine editorial design, architectural signage, and event/conference marketing in St. Louis. Once she made her way to Las Vegas in 2018, she spent time working in casino marketing before she made her way to the wonderful world of franchising.

“In a way, it goes in a circle. A lot of my past experience helps me now.”

Thanks to her experience in print design, Ming has quickly become our go-to designer for projects that are destined to be printed. “I like traditional design,” Ming says. “Things that are tangible.”

The secret to Ming’s design prowess is her thought process. It includes analyzing individual design elements and being able to fuse those aspects to create a piece that is unique, cohesive and perfectly tailored to her clients. Her core design philosophy:

“I see design as a puzzle and it’s just putting those pieces together.”

The pieces Ming puts together turn into beautiful brochures, ads and business cards as well as a variety of other deliverables that meet our clients’ needs.

Outside of the Wheat office, Ming can be found cooking her mom’s recipes or heading out on a hike with her husband. “I always say the easy trails,” Ming says. “I’ll climb on boulders but not where I can fall and die in a split second.” Defying death or not, hiking is one way Ming likes to decompress from our technological world every so often.

“I like to be off the grid sometimes just to unplug.”

When she is plugged in, you might find Ming planning her next international adventure, maybe to Vietnam or New Zealand. In fact, she’s already been to 13 foreign countries including France, Latvia, Japan and the Czech Republic (you’ll have to get the full list from her).

We are happy to welcome Ming into the Wheat fray. And we think she likes us, too. “The people here in general are all really friendly and vibrant,” Ming says. “Everyone stands on their own as an individual, but we mesh well. Like puzzle pieces!”

Thanks, Ming! We’re just as stoked to have her be one of the pieces that creates the full picture of Wheat Creative (did we lose the puzzle metaphor?). Metaphor or not, she’s a great fit.

Welcome to Wheat, Ming!

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