Meet Dustin Hall, Wheat Creative’s Newest Account Coordinator

Dustin Hall, Account Coordinator at Wheat Creative

Although he’s a born and raised Las Vegan, Dustin Hall made the move to Wheat Creative from Utah, where he recently graduated from Dixie State University with a degree in business administration. From a young age, Dustin knew he was meant to be in the people business of marketing. “I wanted to be in a position where I’m dealing with clients and get more of the marketing and communications sides,” Dustin says.

“I knew I didn’t want to be isolated from people.”

As an account coordinator, Dustin has become an expert at blog management and social media posting. “One of my favorite things is handling the social media accounts for our clients,” Dustin says. “I like giving our clients that voice and it takes some of the weight off of their shoulders.”

Although he does have some experience with finance and accounting, Dustin is much more motivated by making human connections than analyzing spreadsheets. “Another thing I really like about this position is that even when we’re pulling numbers for reports, the main objective is that we’re going to be talking to the clients about their goals,” Dustin says. 

“I like talking to people and making progress.”

Outside of the Wheat office, you can find Dustin, well, outside. He spends his weekends snowboarding up in Utah, kicking back at Lake Mead, cruising down the Colorado River and dirt biking in the desert. And although he’s not super into the nightclubs Vegas is known for, Dustin does appreciate that there is always something to do here 24 hours a day.

On the rare occasion Dustin is indoors, he might be watching one of his favorite sitcoms, like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or keeping up with the Vegas Golden Knights.

He may be new to the fantastical world of franchise marketing, but Dustin has already learned a lot and had the opportunity to communicate with some of our clients. “We were just on the phone with CEOs this morning,” Dustin says.

“The level of contact we have with our clients is impressive.”

Dustin is eager to build his marketing skills and get to know Wheat’s wonderful clients. “I like to put my best foot forward. I have a lot of integrity when it comes to dealing with people’s work,” Dustin says. “I understand that I’m entry level and learning and growing, but I’ll do my best. Any time you’re working with me expect that I’m going to be giving you my best work. I’m not going to be neglectful of our clients’ needs.”

Welcome to Wheat, Dustin!

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