Reputation Management

We don’t believe in a “set-it-and-forget-it” local reputation management strategy. After all, the internet never rests. So, neither should your professional reputation management team. An effective strategy involves consistent monitoring and updating so you can rest assured your digital reputation is safe.

Why Local Reputation Management is Vital

The local reputation of your business is crucial. As a franchisee, you’re part of a larger, potentially well-known brand. But the reputation you have on a local level has a direct impact on your number of customers, clients and sales. That’s because the customers in your area might know your franchise brand from regional or national ad campaigns, but when they choose to experience it for themselves, they are coming to you directly. Before they make that decision, they’re going to hop online and do their research.

In the era of Yelp, Google reviews, TripAdvisor and every other review site, your online local reputation informs the opinion of potential customers – and affects their decision to begin a professional relationship with you. Therefore, your online reputation is too important to leave to chance.

Let Us Protect Your Rep

Here’s the truth: no matter how wonderful, clean, delicious, prompt, or friendly your business is, bad reviews will happen. The good news: every bad review is a learning opportunity and a chance to win back a customer. But timing and approach are critical. Our resources ensure timely and effective efforts to protect your business from internet naysayers while supporting the overall marketing message of your franchisor.

Addressing the Negative Reviews

Many local reputation management professionals attempt to bury negative reviews. While that can be effective for the short-term, it leaves disgruntled customers at large to continue badmouthing your business to whomever will listen. Instead, we collaborate with our local reputation management clients to come up with a strategy for addressing and responding to negative feedback.

Build > Maintain > Recover

We can help your reputation grow, no matter how big it is now. For businesses that have a newer digital presence, we can help you build your local reputation online and then continue to help you maintain it. Our team of digital marketing pros can also help local businesses recover their online reputation from any mishaps.

Other Tools in Our Shed

Any effective marketing strategy combines a variety of tactics to meet objectives. We use a combination of deliverables, like surveys, social media content and local listings. Wheat also provides clients with tools and tips that encourage customers to leave positive online reviews.

Local Reputation Management Services

  • Manage online reviews
  • Generate more local reviews
  • Monitor trends to improve customer service
  • Improve engagement with customers across social media and review sites like Google My Business and Yelp

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