Getting Your Franchise Marketing Back on Track During COVID

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The world has changed, and your franchise marketing needs to be ready to change with it. We won’t be getting back to the old way anytime soon. If you want to grow your franchise system, you can’t put off digital marketing improvements any longer.

Like many of your colleagues and probably some of your staff, the world of business has moved online more than ever before. This creates opportunities alongside its challenges. For people looking to purchase a franchise, it means even more time in front of their computers or mobile devices searching for their next investment. For savvy franchisors, it means even more opportunities to get noticed.

So, what do you need to do to reinvent your franchise marketing strategy for this new normal? As a full-service franchise marketing agency, we’ve come up with some key techniques you can start implementing today to be ready for tomorrow.

Reexamine Your Current Franchise Marketing Strategy

How are you currently attempting to reach potential leads? Does that strategy still make sense or are you stuck in a pre-pandemic mentality? If your franchise marketing is still stressing selling points from the pre-COVID marketplace, then it’s time to reassess.

Your franchise marketing needs to adapt to what potential franchisees are looking for today. Are your footprints flexible and set up for social distancing? Do you have well-established operations that can be done remotely? Does your training system support e-learning? Tell people! Align your talking points to what forward-thinking franchisees want to hear.

We’re witnessing a rapid shift in entrepreneurial priorities. You need a franchise marketing agency that understands what would-be franchisees are interested in today and how to deliver that info to them where they live.

Take Advantage of Today’s Technology

Digital marketing has been a cornerstone for some time, but now it’s an absolute necessity. Between convention cancelations and the sudden shift to remote working, franchise marketing is as close as it’s going to get to 100% online and franchisors can no longer afford to not prioritize it in their budgets.

A truly effective digital marketing campaign for franchises is composed of multiple pieces that all work together to ensure your message stays at the forefront of your audience’s experience. Today, having a digital marketing agency that knows how to use the available technology for your best interest in invaluable.

From PPC search ads to remarketing techniques, email campaigns and LinkedIn messaging, we employ a wide variety of digital marketing tools to give you an edge in today’s heavily web-trafficked world. We also provide you constant updates and regular reports on how well your franchise marketing campaign is functioning and what we can adjust to make it even better.

Pay Close Attention to Industry Experts and Trends

We’re secure enough to admit we’re not the only ones out here telling franchisors to revamp their marketing for the new reality. We all know what’s going on. The franchising industry as a whole is learning how to handle every new disruption that comes along. So, paying attention to the trends in the industry is crucial if you want to remain ahead of the curve. Two trends are especially worth watching:

Segments Reopening Sooner

Restaurants with drive-thrus, delivery services, healthcare franchises and more are still seeing growth during the pandemic. As consumer habits change to accommodate more social distancing and time spent at home, so too are businesses redesigning their services.

If your franchise is well-suited for on-the-go customers or provides a good or service that has become more important during quarantine, then now is the time to keep expanding. While other industries are slowing down, ramping up your franchise marketing efforts can put you a step ahead of the rest.

Segments Still Experiencing Layoffs

The current economic climate has left many service professionals still employed while managers and executives may be looking for jobs. Many of those laid off don’t want to rush back to corporate gigs. That makes them ideal candidates for franchises. They have the business experience to properly run a franchise and may have savings they’re looking to invest. All they need is to see the right franchise marketing pop up in their searches.

Digital Marketing is Now Do or Die

The franchise industry has weathered the current storm better than others, and that’s a testament to the power and potential of the model. However, there’s still plenty of work to be done. Now is the time to build momentum for the future.

Taking honest stock of your existing franchise marketing plan, creating and promoting the right messages through the most appropriate platforms and watching how others in the industry react are all excellent strategies to help your franchise marketing efforts bounce back from the current COVID slump.

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