Website Development

Developing an effective franchise website is a bit like building a house. You need a strong foundation, attractive design, and good bones to hold it all together. Your franchise website is the primary place candidates will visit when exploring your opportunity, so it’s important they feel that “wow” factor from the second they arrive. Our job is to give your franchise website the “curb appeal,” structure and functionality it needs to inspire candidates to take the next step.

Franchise Website Design Blueprint

Every good build starts with a solid plan, and in this case the foundation for your franchise website design is a well thought out site map. We’ll start by getting to know your brand at its core. Together, we’ll undergo a brand immersion that enables us to truly understand your business, your goals, and the little intricacies that make your franchise tick. Only then do we have the foundation required to begin building a franchise website that highlights all your best features and targets the right audience in the right way.

Key Strategies

  • Brand immersion session with our team and yours
  • Strategic, original site map development
  • Navigation structure optimized with multiple paths to conversion
  • Plan for multiple forms with pre-qualifying information

Curb Appeal Means Excellent Franchise Website Design

Let’s be perfectly honest. The look and feel of your franchise website design is vital to making a good first impression on candidates – not to mention, lowering your bounce rate. To make sure we get it right, our creative team collaborates with our marketing strategists to ideate your website from the ground up, swapping ideas over (sometimes second) cups of coffee. This combined experience and vision ensure we’re able to take a unique, holistic approach to your franchise website design.

Key Strategies

  • Professional adaption of your brand standards for a business-minded audience
  • Creation of a variety of “comps” by multiple, talented designers
  • Presentation of several on-brand options designed with conversion in mind

Interior Fixtures of Franchise Website Development

What’s inside the house is just as important as the outside, right? Right. Similarly, quality content is as critical as your franchise website’s design. Wheat’s team of writers will not only create engaging, education-focused content that woos your ideal candidates, we’ll do it with style. Matching your brand’s unique voice and personality, our writers craft copy that captures potential franchisees’ attention and effectively communicates core franchise information. After all, investigating a franchise is exciting. Your franchise website should be, too.

Key Strategies

  • Writing multiple, on-voice copy “tones” to let you choose the content style
  • Developing SEO-friendly content that improves user experience while driving search results
  • Clear CTAs on every page, consistently driving candidates down multiple conversion paths

Good Bones Ensure a Strong Franchise Website

A franchise website’s beautiful design and amazing content are only as good as its programming. You can quote us on that! We’ll ensure the backend structure of your franchise website is completely optimized with industry best practices to enable optimal load times and intuitive functionality across all devices. Your franchise website will also be equipped with a user-friendly WordPress CMS, giving your team the autonomy to make changes as needed. Wheat also offers secure web hosting services and performance tracking to provide you with ongoing security and insight in addition to ultimate control.

Key Strategies

  • Optimized speed (website load time) and indexable (searchable) pages
  • Mobile-responsive site architecture
  • Intuitive WordPress content management system (CMS)
  • User-friendly accessibility for all
  • Discoverable metatags and descriptions

Let Us Build Your Franchise’s Dream Website

Wheat Creative has the expertise your system needs to develop a franchise website that is beautiful, compelling, and best of all, converts. We’d love to tell you more about how all these pieces combine to create the most important part of any franchise recruitment strategy – your franchise website. Reach out to Wheat to hear more.


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