Print & Sales Collateral

At Wheat Creative, we’re as comfortable on the printed page as we are in the digital space, creating graphics that grab attention and content that calls out to your target audience, all while building an overarching strategy that ties your sales collateral together.

Our franchise sales collateral is the product of a strong, sincere understanding of your franchise that we develop through extensive interviews and brand immersion sessions. We become experts on your business so we can create the franchise content that we know gets results.

Franchise Print Ads

Wherever you plan to place a print ad, you’re facing stiff competition for your readers’ interest. In this age of short attention spans and ads aplenty, your sales pieces have to work extra hard. Whether we’re creating a single ad for a magazine or an entire campaign spread across multiple placements, our on-point messaging is designed to gain prospects’ attention and keep your brand top of mind.

Through an ideal mix of eye-catching graphics and informative copy, we let your brand’s unique voice shine through. And if you’re new to franchising, or just need a refresh, we can even help you create a distinct style for your ad campaign that will make waves in your industry.

Franchise Brochures and E-Brochures

Brochures, whether in print or digital formats, give users a more detailed look at your opportunity as well as something to hold onto or refer to repeatedly as they make their decisions. While ads need to grab attention quickly, brochures allow you to take more time, tell a longer story, and explore all the reasons why your franchise is superior.

Our writers and designers are expert storytellers who will convey the history, culture, benefits and goals of your brand in ways that leave readers eager to jump on board. Print brochures can be sent out to potential franchisees or even given away at trade shows. E-brochures are the ideal giveaway (conversion tactic) for your website and PPC landing pages. In fact, landing pages with giveaways are proven to convert at a higher rate than pages without.

Franchise PowerPoint Presentations

Your sales team likely uses PowerPoint presentations during critical initial sales calls with potential franchisees, as well as for other meetings and webinars down the line. But are your current presentations doing their job?

No matter how engaging your salesperson is, viewers need something that holds the eye and paints your franchise in the best light. They need to be able to see the numbers and really grasp the data in order to feel comfortable making an investment.

When we create your presentations, we’ll key in on what your audience needs to know and what they want to hear, and we’ll listen to how your salespeople like to communicate, to create a multi-faceted sales experience that leaves your audience in awe.

Franchise Direct Mail

For many franchises, direct mail is still an important way to get your opportunity into the hands of potential franchisees, even in this digital age. Prospects still react to the personal touch of a piece of mail. And with printing technology today, the possibilities are endless.

We can stick to traditional designs like flyers or letters, or explore more adventurous pieces like 3D images, lenticulars or multi-fold mailers. We’ll work with you to determine what will make the greatest impact on your audience.

Franchise Flyers and One-sheeters

Franchise flyers present your top points in a clear, concise and accessible way. When a potential franchisee wants to remind themselves of your financial requirements, they check your flyer. When they’re ready to contact your salesperson, they’ve got your flyer. When they want to show your opportunity to their spouse or potential partners, your flyer is there to get the conversation started.

In addition to flyers your franchisees will see, broker one-sheeters are an invaluable tool when you’re working with a franchise broker. We know what brokers like to see, the top-level selling points and financial numbers they need to know, and how they want the information arranged so they can quickly convey your benefits to candidates.

Franchise Tradeshow Collateral

Maybe you attend every tradeshow around the country or maybe you’ve only hit up a couple nearby, but what they all have in common is the need to grab attendees’ attention quickly in a room full of distractions. We’ve been there ourselves and we know how crucial it is that your booth looks flawless. That’s why we create tradeshow collateral that captures interest and won’t let go.

  • Banners convey top selling points and need to be visually captivating at the same time.
  • Backdrops pull your booth together, wrapped up in your brand’s design.
  • Print brochures make more memorable giveaways than yet another stress ball.
  • One sheeters and flyers help potential franchisees and industry insiders access your info at a glance.

Keep in mind: when someone is considering spending their life savings to invest in your franchise, it makes sense to invest in the materials that help them make that decision! Reach out to Wheat to hear more.


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