National Campaigns

Your franchise marketing needs to look good at all levels, whether it’s a national ad on a well-trafficked website or a highway billboard in middle-America. It also needs to creatively convey your product or service offering in a way that’s as memorable for a quarterly mailer as it is for a limited time offer.

At Wheat Creative, we have extensive experience building national campaigns that get noticed and local franchise advertising that leaves customers hungry for more. What our successful campaigns all have in common is our deep understanding of our clients’ brands and the subtle nuances to franchise marketing.

Keeping Consistency in Your Franchise Marketing

Franchises thrive on consistency. Your customers know they’re getting the same quality products and the same outstanding service whether they visit you in Albany or Albuquerque. The same needs to be true for your franchise marketing. We’ll help you craft a campaign strategy that remains true to your brand’s message and style – and plays well in every region.

Allowing for Customization in Your Franchise Marketing

Even with an emphasis on consistency, franchise marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. To truly have an effective campaign, your collateral needs to be customizable for individual markets. After all, a franchisee in Miami has different advertising needs than one in Minneapolis.

When we immerse ourselves in your brand, we’re not just learning the broad strokes. We’re taking the time to fully understand what makes you stand out, what makes your franchisees exceptional and what makes your business attractive to customers across the country.

What’s the Right Campaign for You?

  • Are you always offering certain products or services that you want customers to be regularly reminded of?
  • Do you change it up throughout the year and need people to know?
  • Is something special happening in a particular market and you have to get the word out?

Knowing when, where and how to run your franchise marketing campaign makes a huge difference. The right quarterly campaign can consistently cause spikes in your sales numbers, and a well-timed special offer can boost the slower months.

At Wheat Creative, we’re not just experts at creating your collateral. We’re experts at designing entire campaign strategies using our knowledge of your brand as well as our years of experience in franchise marketing.

Print Advertising

Direct mailers, magazine and newspapers ads, brochures and flyers are great ways to keep your target audience up to date on your brand. In our digital age, physical, printed pieces can leave an unexpected and lasting impression. Plus, thanks to today’s printing technology and our amazingly talented design team, you can get as creative as you like with everything from multi-fold mailers to oversized postcards and more!

Digital Advertising

Banner ads, social media and email blasts offer you instant access to your customer base to inform them of new developments and deals they just can’t miss. And they’re simple to adjust from market to market letting you get hyper local with your promotions. Best of all, with our A/B testing methods and consistent reporting, you’ll always know how effective your digital campaigns have been.

What Do They All Have in Common?

Design choices, color schemes, talking points and overall aesthetics remain consistent throughout your campaign, offering your audience the opportunity to see multiple pieces and compounding the effectiveness.

Campaign Messaging

Your selling points and slogans, headlines and testimonials all form the narrative that your audience will remember. Whether it’s a lighthearted feel or down-to-Earth tone, we specialize in matching your brand’s voice across all your campaign messaging, so nothing feels out of place and every piece coordinates.

Campaign Design

Using your brand colors/standards and clear images of your products and locations, our expert designers will generate a visual feel for your campaign that fits your existing branding. Or, if you prefer, we can take your franchise in a new direction and give customers something fresh and exciting to discover.

As we create national advertising campaigns for all levels of your franchise, you and your franchisees will feel the effect that consistent messaging can have on your advertising strategy and – better yet – on its results. Reach out to Wheat to hear more.


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