Local Franchisee Marketing

At a corporate level, you have an amazing look and message. You have defined brand standards and a distinct tone of voice. But how do you manage these qualities on a franchisee level? In addition to digital marketing for franchise growth, Wheat also provides marketing services for your franchisees. Using strategies like locally targeted marketing and asset management, we’re able to help you achieve brand consistency while providing franchise owners with the tools they need to grow their own businesses.

Here’s Why This is Important & How We Can Help

Franchisors both big and small often ask us a common question: how do we manage consistent branding across all of our locations? Consistent branding allows franchises to build a clear, cohesive brand identity that inspires customer loyalty. When a franchisee invests in your business, they are also investing in the value of the brand. However, without the proper strategies in place, branding could be compromised by individualized local marketing efforts. That’s where Wheat comes in.

Asset Management

Give franchisees the independence they crave and the resources they need with an asset management system stacked with creative, semi-customizable marketing collateral. Using an online platform, franchisees will have access to a plethora of digital and printable marketing materials they can use to drum up business in their cities. This enables franchisees to easily develop on-brand marketing campaigns and franchisors to maintain oversight on the quality of those campaigns.

  • An online database of marketing collateral optimized for local intent
  • Branded creative developed in partnership with your corporate team
  • Easily customizable templates for digital and print marketing campaigns


We make digital marketing for franchisees simple. With your franchise’s specific needs in mind, we’ll develop collateral franchisees can use to create local campaigns, advertise events, attract web traffic, and ultimately gain new customers. Not only will this create uniformity across your franchise, but it will save franchisees time and effort that could be allocated to running their businesses.

Here’s How We Develop Digital Marketing for a Local Franchisee

Before we get started on the creative, we’ll collaborate with your team to strategize the best kinds of marketing assets for your franchise. Then, we’ll create branded, semi-customizable templates that enable franchisees to include pertinent information about their business, such as the location and regional pricing. Each of these templates will live in the online asset management system where franchisees can access them at any time. This allows franchisees to efficiently build corporate-approved campaigns that they can use to market to their specific demographic.

Types of Marketing Collateral

  • Banner ads and landing pages
  • Social posts customized to each platform
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Printable assets like flyers, brochures, mailers, etc.

Here’s Why You Need Wheat

Wheat’s our name and growth hacking is our game. We create comprehensive solutions that help both franchisors and franchisees achieve their goals. Want to improve your web ranking? We can help. Hoping to attract more qualified franchisees? We can help with that, too. Are you a local franchisee trying to gain new customers? You guessed it. If growth is a part of your business strategy, make Wheat your secret weapon. Reach out to Wheat to hear more.


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