Franchise Lead Generation

Unfortunately, leads don’t grow on trees. They’re carefully cultivated with a multi-faceted marketing strategy that targets your ideal candidates and nurtures them, so they grow into full-fledged franchisees someday.

Think of each marketing effort as a seed. You wouldn’t plant just one seed and hope for a bountiful harvest, right? Wheat offers a variety of marketing strategies that generate leads through various channels, bettering your chances of capturing the attention of qualified candidates. With growth always in mind, Wheat Creative uses a progressive approach to optimize the quality of leads interested in your franchise opportunity. We’re like lead farmers, minus the manure.

Starting From the Ground Up

Brand immersion is the process by which we dig deep and get to the roots of your opportunity. We’re not afraid to get some dirt under our nails, so expect the entire Wheat Creative crew to be engaged and excited to learn how you like to do business.

Our strategic and creative teams will meet with the leaders of your franchise to discuss what makes your franchise tick and understand why candidates should choose your opportunity. We’ll spend time with your team, and even a few choice franchisees, to get to know the ins and outs of your business, from brand personality to franchisee training. This in-depth knowledge of your franchise system will enable us to speak to potential franchisees with the authority that quality franchise leads expect.

Identifying Ideal Franchise Leads

Which kind of candidates are you after? What kind of experience should franchisees have going into ownership? Are there personality traits your most successful franchisees share? Don’t worry if you can’t answer all these questions just yet. Our team is here to help you identify exactly whom to target.

We’ll work with you to define your ideal prospects across demographics like age, gender, net worth, location and more. From there we’ll create compelling franchise messaging that speaks directly to your desired audience. We tell your story in a way that resonates with the right people.

Building a Better Franchise Lead Generation Strategy

Once we’ve gotten a good glimpse at your business and whittled down your desired demographics, we’ll put together a detailed franchise sales lead generation plan complete with candidate target goals, holistic marketing budget and timeline.

Here are some of the services we offer that work best for franchise lead generation:

PPC Ads and Social Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are placed on a variety of platforms including Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube and LinkedIn. Thanks to our immersion into your brand, we’re well-prepped to create ads that speak to your ideal franchise leads, wherever they happen to be on the web.

Our PPC strategy is centered on getting you the best bang for your buck. Through diligent methods like A/B testing, retargeting and unique attribution code tracking, we’re able to see the effectiveness of your campaign and keep you in the loop with regular reports. We develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to track your ROI and our amazing account management team will even schedule regular calls with you to go over what’s working and what can work even better.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Basically a truncated version of your franchise website – and the all-important entry point for your sales cycle – an effective PPC landing page should do three things:

  1. Provide a powerful and compelling glimpse of what life could be like as your franchisee.
  2. Communicate minimum financial requirements of ideal candidates.
  3. Get said ideal candidates so excited to learn more*, they can’t wait to give you their information.

*A time-tested strategy for increasing conversion is to offer something in return: downloadable content, like a franchise e-brochure. If you could use a hand in creating a franchise brochure that will showcase your brand in the best light, we know some people.

But back to the part about the entry point for your sales cycle. Wheat-developed landing pages are also super smart. Our technology connects your landing page to your CRM of choice to deliver sales leads directly into your sales funnel. This functionality reduces lead contact time and improves your overall tracking. As for those visitors who don’t convert, our landing pages can still track them. Keep reading…

Retargeting Ads

When franchise leads visit your landing page, a cookie will be placed onto their browser. And we’re not talking about baked goods (though we’d never turn down one of those). This cookie will tell your advertisements where they need to go to reach that same web user again. This process is called retargeting.

Our witty Wheat team of writers and designers will create visually appealing and memorable banner ads that will keep potential candidates engaged with your brand after they’ve viewed your landing page. Not only will this spread brand awareness, but it will provide interested prospects with another opportunity to click through to your landing page and complete a desired action. When it comes to franchise sales, persistence pays off.

Email Campaigns

Email still plays a crucial role in B2B sales. So, we create campaigns tailored for specific audiences, subject lines that inspire readers to open the email, and content that demands a click-through.

  • Customer email campaigns can be sent to your existing lists – the people who you know already adore your brand – to get them excited about jumping on board. For many businesses, and especially franchises, the best owners often start out as customers.
  • Post lead email campaigns will be set up to send automatically to users who enter their information on your landing page. Beginning with a sincere thank you message, these emails will be branded reminders of key selling points and provide the opportunity to make direct contact with your sales team. Our goal is to keep prospects engaged with your brand and nurture them through the beginning of the sales engagement process.
  • Fading lead email campaigns tackle that pesky list you’ve probably already compiled of franchise leads that went cold some time ago. With fresh messaging and a strong understanding of how to best present your franchise, these email campaigns can be a great way to heat up some potential franchisees’ cold feet.

IP Marketing and Geofencing

Technology today allows us to target individuals who’ve already visited your franchise website, visited your competitor’s site, searched for opportunities similar to yours, or even just live and work in your target markets. We’re even able to deliver mobile ads to people who visited a franchise location or similar business. To dial in even further on your target market, we can deliver ads to specific IP addresses based on factors like household income, industry, and more.

At Wheat Creative, we’re always on top of the latest approaches to digital marketing so that you always have the most effective franchise sales lead generation processes at your disposal. Reach out to Wheat to hear more.


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