At Wheat Creative,
we speak franchising fluently.

The franchise marketing world is full of unique relationships, lingo and nuances. Luckily, we are well versed in all of them. Our team has spent significant portions of their marketing careers developing some of the most recognized and well-respected franchise recruitment strategies and websites in the industry.

One Agency. Multiple Solutions.

Whether your franchise needs help on the recruitment side or the consumer end, we're well-equipped. Zero learning curve required.

Lead Generation

In order to grow, you need to sow… and water. And repeat.

By now you know that effective franchise lead generation is not one-dimensional. Your strategy should include multi-faceted campaigns, fully-optimized sales funnels and – importantly – enticing creative and compelling content at each step. Every touchpoint in the sales process should be so well-branded, your ideal prospects are as impressed as they are delighted to move forward.

  • Paid search & social advertising
  • Franchise lead funnel optimization
  • Email campaigns & custom landing pages
  • Conversion & sales collateral
  • Goal setting & conversion tracking
Content Marketing

It’s all about thought-compelling franchise storytelling.

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers (and franchise prospects) by consistently creating and curating relevant and engaging content with the intention of shaping desired beliefs and behavior. Content marketing is not an overnight needle-mover – it’s an ongoing process best integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

  • SEO & blogging
  • Social media content
  • Optimized web content
  • Content curation
  • Portal page listings
National Campaigns

We create the campaigns that put your franchise on the map.

Just like consistent operations ensure customers have the same experience with your franchise whether they’re in Denver or Des Moines, consistent marketing connects each franchise location. This creates cohesiveness and value for all. Find out how our franchise marketing expertise translates to memorable, systemwide consumer marketing campaigns.

  • Campaign messaging (quarterly, seasonal, LTO)
  • Campaign design
  • Print advertising
  • Digital advertising
Website Development

This is the backbone of all your franchise marketing efforts.

Consider this: 99.9% of your franchise prospects will visit your franchise website. Our job is to make sure they stick around long enough to not only learn how to take the next step, but to make sure they are compelled enough to do so. If you underdeliver on your franchise website's appearance, voice or ease of use, it could cost you a lead that you might never get back. Make sure you're putting your best (online) foot forward.

  • Award-winning web design & content
  • Sales process & conversion funneling
  • Responsive programming for all devices
  • Intuitive WordPress CMS
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
Print & Sales Collateral

Tell a story that flies off the page and into prospects' hearts.

Wheat is equally comfortable in the print world and the digital space. We believe in beautiful and effective communication, regardless of where or how it’s consumed. But as attention spans get shorter, your ads and other sales pieces have to work harder. Ruthlessly on-point messaging and design are required to gain prospects’ attention and keep your brand top of mind.

  • Print ads
  • Brochures & e-brochures
  • PPT presentations
  • Direct mail
  • Flyers & one-sheeters
  • Tradeshow collateral
Local Franchisee Marketing

We help you help your franchisees with simple, local solutions.

Creating amazing local marketing campaigns and corresponding collateral is one thing. Making these assets readily available and easily customizable for your franchisees is something else entirely. (We do both, in case you were wondering.) With consistent branding, your franchisees can still stand out in their local market.

  • Asset management
  • Consistent branding
  • Customizable marketing collateral
  • Ad creation (print & digital)

What Sets Us Apart

  • Valuable Our Experience

    With time comes experience and with experience comes knowledge. Our team has decades of both and we’re excited to share the benefits with you.

  • Meticulous Our Approach

    Jumping in midstream is not something we’re fond of doing. We prefer to evaluate, educate ourselves, and explore solutions before scoping out a specific plan.

  • Proven Our Results

    Our simple rule: if it doesn’t help you grow, stop watering it. Your time and money are too valuable not to get results. Give us a chance to create change.

  • Refreshing Our Service

    We feel that good, old-fashioned customer service is a lost art. Please excuse us as we over-communicate until everyone is on the same, happy page.

Franchise Marketing Showcase

Franchise marketing tends to fire us up. We love lending our great ideas to established brands and startup franchisors alike.

Our Clients

We've been lucky to work with some amazing franchise brands.

Our Clients Love Us

Working with Justin and the Wheat team has been a truly fantastic experience. Their knowledge and wisdom have been invaluable and I can’t say enough about their responsiveness, attention to detail and creativity. They are a true partner who are committed to our success and always go the extra mile to help us realize our goals.

Wheat is that rare agency partner that is creative, strategic and reliable. They operate with integrity and generously share their expert guidance. While we are a relatively new client, we hope that we, like many of Wheat’s clients, will have an enduring partnership with Justin and the team.

I am just amazed at the creativity that has gone into this site – in my opinion, it is the best in the business. Your team has far exceeded my expectations, which, in this day and age does not happen very often. Your knowledge of the industry, your technical expertise, everything is superb. It almost brings tears to my eyes to see what you have done! I’m not kidding. I can’t thank you all enough.

Justin and Susan Baloun have assembled the best talent and their many years of working in franchising along with many verticals of business is unmatched. I recommend them to anyone for a new look at what you are doing! Any questions about their results email me!

Jerry Darnell The "Godfather" of Franchising / Jerry Darnell & Associates

Wheat Creative is just what we needed. The team takes any project we throw at them, no matter what the difficulty or deadline with professionalism and grace. From creative video scripts to direct mailers to full page ads, Wheat takes our ideas and brings them to life while surpassing our expectations (and staying within brand standards of course). With all of that said, we are very happy customers here at Dunkin’ Brands and their services are highly recommended!

The team at Wheat Creative consistently exceeds our expectations and, more importantly, our clients’ expectations by delivering strategic creative and compelling copy on time and on budget. They are more than a vendor, they are a true partner of ours.

I’ve worked with both Susan and Justin in some form now for nearly four years. As marketing individuals, they are phenomenal; as a team, they are unstoppable. Wheat Creative has developed my new website, my landing pages, produced my explainer videos and testimonial videos, and refined my content strategy. It’s a relationship I don’t see changing for the foreseeable future.

Wheat Creative is the real deal. I have been at this for 26 years now. I’ve hired lots of folks, fired lots of folks, been hired by lots of clients, and been fired by lots of clients. This is the nature of the business. But during that time, I’ve come to know what it takes to last. And I am 100% sure that they have every bit of it.

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