Avoid These Scaaary Franchise Marketing Mistakes

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It was a dark and stormy Zoom meeting when a brand decided… to not property invest in quality franchise marketing! Oooooo!! Ok, maybe it’s not that scary, but franchise marketing mistakes can definitely cost you money, time and, most importantly, leads. When marketing your franchise, getting things right the first time can save you the hassle of having to redo all your efforts and the terrifying scenario of losing leads to your competitor.

You’ve probably got at least some idea of what you need to do to market your franchise, like hiring an outstanding franchise marketing agency, for example. But what about the mistakes you should go out of your way to avoid? Those can be trickier to pin down. So, we’d like to share with you a few of the scariest mistakes we’ve seen pop up as well as the franchise marketing solutions you can use to fix them – or, better yet avoid them altogether.

Branding That’s All Over the Place

Digital marketing for franchises has to be consistent. From your PPC ads to your landing pages, social presence, website and even brochures and other sales collateral, your valuable leads have the potential to be exposed to numerous touchpoints. If only some branding is up to date while other pieces are a monster mash of styles, people will notice.

The same obviously goes for your consumer side. If you’ve changed your branding recently, all pieces need to match the new style. If you’re gearing up for a refresh, every franchisee needs to receive the new resources. Leaving anything out, or forgetting about those older corners of your website, is like putting together the best haunted house on the block but wearing the same David Pumpkins costume you’ve had for four years.

The Solution:

With the help of a full-service franchise marketing agency, your brand will feel authentic across every platform. Website, landing pages, digital and print ads, even training and support collateral will be given the attention necessary to ensure they all look consistent and convey the same messaging. Your brand is most attractive when every piece is on point, so unifying your collateral can give an extra level of professionalism to your brand.

Not Having Enough Content

Users turn to your website and other franchise marketing pieces for info about who you are, what you offer and exactly what they can expect from you as a franchisor. When details are missing or your website feels like a ghost town, candidates lack the insight to make an informed decision. People planning to drop $100k+ want every tidbit they can find.

Your franchise marketing materials need to be comprehensive. They need to tell users what they want to know, what they need to know and what they didn’t know they needed to want to know. Yeah, we said that right. Even readers who are unfamiliar with franchising should have most of their questions answered before they have to ask. That’s the hallmark of a well-done franchise marketing system.

The Solution:

Not having clear and comprehensive information is sometimes due to lack of execution rather than lack of understanding. You know your potential leads want to see your AUV, costs and criteria and top selling points. You might even have them ready to go in a sales presentation. So why aren’t they front and center on your website? When it comes to generating leads, it’s worth the effort to hire a franchise marketing agency to spotlight your franchise opportunity so leads can take notice.

Not Having the Right Content

While filling in all the blanks is critical, it’s just as possible to go totally overboard. Excess information can be a detriment to your website and other franchise marketing pieces. If users have to sift through a thousand pages to find the one fact or figure they’re after, they’ll get frustrated and give up before they ever see your awesome AUV.

Sure, you’ve got a lot to say about your franchise. You live and breathe its benefits and you want to gush about it to anyone who will listen. But the fact is, attention spans wane and digital marketing, even for franchises, has precious few moments to grab focus.

The Solution:

Just like some websites miss key facts, we’ve also seen them so overloaded with heavy reading and redundancy we’re surprised Google’s crawlers didn’t give up out of sheer exhaustion. While there’s no finite line between too much and not enough content, there’s a pretty clear Goldilocks zone.

Stick to your selling points. Consider readability. Don’t “bury the lede” beneath a long-winded essay. Remember that marketing collateral is about inspiring readers to take the next step, not assault them with every possible piece of information. And, when in doubt, bring on a franchise marketing agency to trim the fat.

Not Effectively Capturing Data

These days, the lead gen process doesn’t just happen out in the open. The back ends of your franchise marketing website, landing pages and ads house opportunities to stay on top of your leads and reconnect with them even after they’ve clicked away. Not utilizing this available technology is one of the biggest franchise marketing mistakes we see.

When users visit your website, click one of your ads or fill out a request form, you receive more data than you might realize. Accessing that data and knowing what to do with it once you have it can be the key to following up on an interested lead or letting them move on to a more interactive opportunity.

The Solution:

Dedicated landing pages for individual campaigns, A/B ad testing, website code enabling remarketing ads, email interaction tracking: there are many ways to capture data. In fact, there’s so much data available that staying active on the back end of your franchise marketing efforts can be a fulltime job. If it’s not something your in-house team can handle, then hiring an outside firm to capture data and provide ongoing reports may be the way to go.

Bringing it All Home for You

Now that you know some of the common mistakes that franchisors make, you can see how important it is to have a franchise marketing agency that’s seen it all and knows how to fix each issue. Ironing out wrinkles in your content, keeping your franchise marketing efforts looking smooth and appealing and snagging the data you need to adjust your efforts to the market at hand are all easily accessible ways to make your franchise marketing a little bit less scary.

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