Big agency capabilities,
boutique agency advantages.

We meet deadlines. We exceed expectations. We keep people happy by doing the little things right, and the big things better. What else do we want you to know? Size only matters if you’re a shoe. We are not. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t the perfect fit.

Who We Are

We're Niche-y And We Know It.

We are a marketing agency 100% dedicated to serving the franchise industry, specializing in both franchise recruitment and franchise consumer marketing. We know our niche better than anyone.

We Build Brands For Your World.

We love digital marketing, but your customers don’t see your brand only online. We map out your whole brand world to uncover the channels that matter most to your audience, then craft ideas that connect seamlessly wherever they appear – online or off.

We Are People People.

Having worked with franchisors and business owners of all shapes and sizes has taught us that people are what make the difference. We prefer to partner with good people for the long haul.

We Deal In Substance, Not Spin.

Experience has taught as much about who and what we are not, as it has who we are. We won’t partner with you unless we are confident we can achieve results, and we hope you see the value in our approach.

When It Comes To Marketing, We're Rocket Scientists.

At the end of the day, we are only as strong as our weakest link…which is why you won’t find one on our team of talented, creative professionals.

We Won't Leave You Hanging.

Transparency and good, old-fashioned customer service are what set us apart. We say what we do and we do what we say, promptly. Would you want it any other way?

Our Ideal Partner

There are clients and then there are client partners. Client partners allow us to dig in, take root and create lasting results. Together. We’re looking for a few of those.

Our Team A.K.A. Your Team

Meet the well-rounded, hand-picked marketing professionals who are the very best at what they do.

Justin Baloun Founder

An intuitive sense of style, an innate knack for processes, and an insane drive for perfection have guided Justin through a career chockfull of award-winning design and interactive work, which led to opening his own agency in 2014. You can take the boy out of the Midwest, but…(you know the rest). Originally from Green Bay, WI, Justin is a Packers fan (duh) and a dedicated husband and father.

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Susan Baloun Partner / Lead Writer

At the root of Susan’s marketing experience lies the ability to communicate. Driven by a true desire to understand what inspires people, she is able to successfully tap into those emotions to help customers and prospects alike to connect the dots and take the desired action. When not challenging the office with rom-com movie trivia, Susan spends her free time enjoying life to the fullest with family, friends and her young sons.

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Anne Tso Associate Creative Director

Anne is an award-winning designer and strategic critical thinker who loves making clients happy. Having spent over a decade in advertising for leisure and tourism brands, she now brings her creative expertise into the franchising world. She's an optimistic realist who will throw down in an eating competition, buy trinkets and packaging for the sake of good design, and turn that stapler ever so slightly to line it up to the edge of your desk. You're welcome.

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Gabriela Raguay Senior Account Executive

Though she still can’t bear to part with her Inglewood area code, Gabriela has built her life and career here in Las Vegas. With her proclivity for planning, methodical precision and adept client communication, it’s no wonder she’s worked on award-winning PR and ad campaigns. When she’s not checking items off her to-do lists in the office, she’s probably impulse-buying (oops) a leather-bound book to add some austere feng shui to her living room, which she shares with her big family: two cats and two dogs. And her husband. He’s invited too.

Ashleigh Stevens Account Coordinator

With her professional background combining marketing, account management and social media, Ashleigh is the perfect fit for the Wheat team. Her excellent communications skills and methodical approach to getting and staying organized help her keep our team and clients on the same page so that everyone knows what they should be doing and when. As a self-confessed Nintendo aficionado, Ashleigh spends her free time getting nostalgic with her Nintendo 64 conquering the world of Super Smash Bros.

Cristina Hernandez Castro Graphic Designer

Originally hailing from Mexico City, Cristina has spent enough time in Vegas for her to get excited by the rain. Since joining Wheat, she has worked on projects for Marco’s Pizza, Lawn Doctor, Waffle World, and Dunkin’ Brands – just to name a few. When not glued to a screen (hello Netflix!), Cristina makes time for rock climbing, cooking, and reading.

Lorrie May Manuel Web Designer

With a background in website design that stretches back to the heyday of Myspace, Lorrie May Manuel is passionate about finding the perfect blend between optimizing user experience and her affinity for aesthetic. As enterprising as she is fashionable, she uses her keen sense of color and line to tackle the most complex problems while keeping it all, in her words, “very pretty.”

Kristian Einstman Copywriter

A marked passion for words and language carried Kristian through two fine arts degrees in creative writing. Now, half-poet, half-copywriter, he believes his innate attention to detail and aesthetic have been elemental to his success as a writer. In his downtime you can usually find him at the movies, knee-deep in a tub of popcorn, getting hypercritical about plot arcs and dialogue.

Tawny Ann De La Peña Copywriter

Tawny Ann De La Peña brings not only a ray of SoCal sunshine to the Wheat Creative team but more than seven years of journalism experience and over a decade of sales and marketing expertise. With a knack for script writing, Tawny Ann has produced hundreds of morning news shows for both ABC and NBC affiliates — translating to 12,000+ scripts, and counting. A master wordsmith, Tawny Ann drops pencils, not microphones.


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